Global Hand Washing Day: Give Life a Hand



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You do everything you can to protect your child

You teach them little healthy habits

But every minute around the world, a parent loses a child to a preventable disease such as diarrhoea.

The Simple Solution: Hand Washing with Soap

Even though hand washing is part of our daily routine, we quite often don't get it right. Did you know that the CDC (Centres for Disease Control and Prevention) recommends that one should spend at least 20 seconds scrubbing his or her hands with soap?

As part of the Global Hand Washing Day campaign, we are on a mission to spread awareness about the importance of hand washing with soap, and drive habit change especially among young children.

“The number of deaths of children each year from infectious diseases, such as diarrhoea, are still considerable and represent a significant global crisis. However, the good news is that diarrhoea is preventable, and good hand hygiene practices are one of the simplest measures we can all take to help protect ourselves and our families. Simply hand washing with an effective soap at key times, such as after going to the toilet, and before eating, can go a long way in breaking the chain of infection and preventing these unnecessary deaths.”

Professor John Oxford, Chairman of the Global Hygiene Council

Participate to Give Life A Hand

To help prevent a child from needlessly falling ill due to diarrhoea, join hand with us to make hand washing with soap a habit.

Show your support by washing your hands with soap, and uploading a picture of your clean #HealthyHands

For every #HealthyHands along with a picture of your clean hand, we will teach 1 child the healthy habit of hand washing with soap through our School Reach programme.

To know more about our School Reach programme, click here.

Let's celebrate Global Hand Washing Day, and share #HealthyHands for habit change.


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Watch this video to learn how you can Give Life A Hand


School Programme

Teach your kids about germs and how to wash their hands just in time for them to get back to school, and help protect them from illnesses with Dettol.

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