The Monsoon season brings a much needed break from the scorching summer heat. However, while the refreshing rain is welcomed with open arms, it also brings with it a host of potential health problems for you and your family.[i] Staying healthy requires some extra precautions during the rainy season but there is no need to worry, we’ve put together some useful information on how to prevent infection and illness this rainy season.

What are the health and hygiene impacts of the Monsoon season?

The Monsoon season is obviously full of fun and excitement but the accompanying health risks shouldn’t be overlooked. Damp and humid conditions are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria which can cause all kinds of infection and diseases.[ii]

High volumes of rainfall and the build-up of stagnant water attract mosquitoes, thus increasing the chances of getting malaria and dengue fever. The increase in stagnant water also means we see a rise in waterborne diseases, food poisoning, coughs, colds and the flu, while skin infections such as athlete’s foot also increased during the rainy season.[iii]

How to prevent infection during Monsoon Season

Personal hygiene

  • If you or your children have been playing outside in puddles, wash your (or their) feet with soap as soon as you get home. Bacteria in the water could lead to fungal infections on your feet and toenails so keep your feet clean and dry when you get home to prevent this from happening.[iv]
  • Carry an umbrella with you and always shower after you have been outside in the rain. Use Dettol Original Bar Soap and dry yourself thoroughly with a towel, taking extra care to dry your feet and between your toes properly.[v]
  • Wash your hands regularly using soap such as Dettol Original, or if you are out and about and don’t have access to a tap, use a hand sanitiser instead. Try not to touch your mouth, nose or eyes with dirty hands because this would increase  the risk of transferring harmful germs to those areas which could make you sick.[vi]
  • Children are vulnerable to infection and disease during this season so remind them just how important it is to wash their hands when they are at school or outside for that matter.

Keep your home clean and hygienic

  • During this season, it is essential to maintain a clean and hygienic home by regularly disinfecting all types of surfaces to protect your family from picking up any disease harbouring germs and to prevent infection and getting sick.
  • Particular care should be taken when cleaning areas used for food preparation and the bathroom to stop the spread of harmful bacteria. Try using a disinfectant cleaner.[vii]
  • With extra water in the air, it is important to check that your home is water tight before the season begins. This will help to avoid the build-up of stagnant water, damp walls and mould all of which can attract mosquitos. .
  • A lot of rain falls during monsoon season so it is important that before the season begins you ensure that your drainage system and guttering all works properly and is not getting clogged up. Clogged drains will start to smell and can attract insects as well as harbouring water-borne diseases. If they are working properly, they will ensure rain is diverted away from your house rather than saturating the ground around it, causing other problems.


Be extra cautious about food and drink

  • Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water but take care to only drink boiled, purified or bottled water because waterborne diseases are common during Monsoon season.[viii]
  • It may be tempting, but stay away from street food during the rainy season if you can. We see a rise of sickness such as food poisoning during this season so there is a greater risk of it containing harmful bacteria which could make you sick. If you are eating outside, make sure you carry a bottle of Dettol Hand Santiser with you to clean your hands before eating.[ix]
  • Avoid eating raw foods such as fruits and vegetable that have been pre-prepared. These may have been washed in stagnant water without you realising or been left out attracting bad bacteria.[x]
  • Remember to practice good hand washing by always washing your hands with Dettol Original before eating or preparing food at home for you and your family.[xi]

The Monsoon brings with it a much awaited relief from the summer heat, but the heavy rain also means an increased risk to infection and disease. Taking a few simple precautions like the ones that we have listed above can go a long a way in protecting you and your family’s health during the rainy season.