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413 Hygiene In Rainy Season

Staying healthy whatever the season

The different seasons bring different hygiene challenges, wether it be travelling in holiday seasons or what to do if a flood strikes, our handy hygiene hints can help keep you healthy whatever the season.

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Hygiene in Monsoon

The monsoon or rainy season can offer particular challenges to your health, so we have some tips that can help you keep healthy during this season.

What is the...

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Family Hygiene & Holiday Travel

Seasonal holidays and religious festivals like Hari Raya, Chinese New Year, and Diwali are an exciting time for families, with many of us travelling at peak times to see relatives and loved ones....

Article 4 - Keep Healthy This Monsoon Season

Keep Healthy This Monsoon Season

The Monsoon season brings a much needed break from the scorching hot weather. However, while the refreshing rain is welcomed with open arms, it also brings with it a host of potential health problems for you and your family.

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Disaster Relief

At Dettol, we know how proper water treatment and hygiene practices can prevent the spread of waterborne diseases. We work with communities to educate and help when a disaster strikes.

522 Food Safety

Food Safety

Avoid a bout of food poisoning with our simple guide to kitchen hygiene. Just remember the Four Cs: Cross Contamination, Cleaning, Cooking and Chilling.

61 Healthy Hands

Hand Hygiene

Learn how to protect your immune system through hand washing! Protect yourself from bacteria and stay healthy and hygienic with Dettol.

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