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Baby care

Once you have a baby in your house your primary focus becomes baby care, and the way you clean your house will permanently change. You’ll quickly come to realize that it’s not just finding time to...

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Monsoon hygiene tips

Our Dettol monsoon hygiene tips can help you and your loved ones have a healthy, happy monsoon season.

The monsoon brings a much-needed relief from the scorching heat after the hot and...

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Pregnancy Care Tips - How to take care of yourself & baby

We present a few simple tips to follow during pregnancy to maintain good health for yourself and your baby.

You are currently in the most blissful state of mind. You are...

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Caring for your newborn – some simple tips

Taking care of your newborn involves care and utmost cleanliness, so that your tiny baby does not fall ill.

The most exciting and memorable day of your life was the day you brought your...

342 Family Hygiene On The Go

Family Hygiene on the go

Getting out as a family to experience and explore can create many life-long cherished memories, but when you’re away from home, keeping harmful germs at bay can be a challenge.  Washing facilities...

343 Hygeine At School

Hygiene habits at school

Keep school for learning and banish bugs and germs with our handy hygiene tips to keep schools healthy. With lots of children coming into contact with one another schools can be a place where infections and germs can easily spread so these tips will keep you protected.

344 Hygiene In Puberty

Teen hygiene Tips

Teenage years are a time of change and some of these changes can also create additional personal hygiene needs. Here's our guide to help your care for your growing childs hygiene needs during this time.

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Caring for people at home

Some groups need a little extra care and attention and a simple hygiene routine can make a particular impact with; the elderly, those in hospital, post-surgary, or those living with chronic conditions.

Article 1 - Healthy Holidays

Healthy Holidays Are Happy Holidays!

With the school holidays just around the corner, it’s almost time for some fun in the sun with your family.

Article 6 - How Handwashing Protects Your Family

How Hand Washing Protects Your Family

Our hands come into contact with more surfaces and elements than any other part of our body, but how does hand washing protect your family?

44 First Aid

First Aid

Wound care and first aid can help kill germs and prevent infection. By applying Dettol antiseptic, you can protect your family's health from harmful bacteria.

61 Healthy Hands

Hand Hygiene

Learn how to protect your immune system through hand washing! Protect yourself from bacteria and stay healthy and hygienic with Dettol.

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Your Family

Make your home a happy one with our family health, home cleaning and hygiene tips, brought to you by Dettol.

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