Our Dettol monsoon hygiene tips can help you and your loved ones have a healthy, happy monsoon season.

The monsoon brings a much-needed relief from the scorching heat after the hot and humid season. But the change in climate also ushers in cold, cough and viral fever. Since the air remains densed with moisture most of the time, it gives rise to many fungal and bacterial growths inside the house.

  1. Wash your hands and feet after coming home. You pick up several germs and quite some dirt on your clothes and skin during the monsoon. The best hygienic practice to follow during the season is to shower in warm water when you return home. If you do not have the time for a shower, at least wash your hands and feet thoroughly with warm water infused with antiseptic liquid. Try the Dettol antiseptic liquid in your shower for the best results. A fast acting disinfecting Dettol hand wash is a must for the wash sink. When outdoors, keep a hand sanitizer in your bag and use it before and after meals or after touching shared surfaces.
  2. Wash your clothes regularly. You might not sweat much in this season, but your clothes will become damp many times over when it rains. Excess moisture invites a lot of bacterial germs and fungi. These will make your clothes smell bad and also cause skin infections. Washing your clothes after every use is the best. Use an antibacterial detergent and keep silica packets in your wardrobe to keep your clothes dry and prevent musty odour.
  3. Clean your footwear every few days. Your footwear is a breeding ground for germs, dirt and dried muddy water. It can cause fungal infections, rashes, boils and even infect already broken skin. Do not wait for your footwear to smell bad before you wash it. Give it a good scrub every two days to remove trapped dirt, mould and other impurities. Also follow a practice of applying anti-bacterial powder on your feet and wearing socks inside your shoes.
  4. Keep the kitchen and bathroom clean. The wet areas of the house are more predisposed to germs and bacteria than other areas. There is no option but to keep these areas as dry as possible and to give them a good scrub and wipe down at least twice a week. Use a strong tile and floor soap/detergent in your cleaning water, wipe down the cooking tops, stove, faucets, toilet seat, switches, towel rods and door knobs with Dettol Multi-Use antibacterial wipes. Also, disinfect the toilet bowl once a week to keep germs away.
  5. Get a pest control treatment done. A lot of pests will make your way into your home this season as they flee the wet outdoors. The general damp atmosphere also gives rise to aerial bacteria that settles on every surface. It is best to get a pest control service done for the house during the monsoon. Fumigating the house gets rid of mosquitoes and flies, while sprays and gels remove cockroaches, ants and spiders. Also get any cavities in the walls or pipes sealed so that rats and lizards do not enter the home.